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How to convert a Word to XLSX file online

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(DOCX/DOC) Word to XLSX conversion FAQ

How can I convert Word documents to Excel (XLSX) format?
Our Word to Excel (XLSX) converter streamlines the conversion process. Upload your Word file, and our tool will generate an Excel spreadsheet in the XLSX format while retaining the data and formatting.
Yes, our converter aims to preserve formulas and functions during Word to Excel (XLSX) conversion. However, it's recommended to review the converted spreadsheet to ensure accuracy.
Certainly! Our converter allows you to specify the sheet name for the Excel (XLSX) file generated from Word documents. Customize the sheet name during the conversion process to suit your preferences.
While there may be limits, you can check our platform for specific details on the number of rows or columns supported. For larger documents, consider optimizing or splitting them for smoother Excel (XLSX) conversion.
Our converter is designed to handle various formatting styles. However, for optimal results, it's advisable to maintain a consistent and organized structure in your Word document before Excel (XLSX) conversion.

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DOCX and DOC files, a format by Microsoft, is widely used for word processing. It stores text, images, and formatting universally. Its user-friendly interface and extensive functionality contribute to its dominance in document creation and editing

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XLSX (Office Open XML spreadsheet) is the modern file format for Excel spreadsheets. XLSX files store tabular data, formulas, and formatting. They offer improved data integration, enhanced security, and support for larger datasets compared to XLS.

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